since: 2.42

Description [src]

struct WebKitFeature {
  /* No available fields */

Describes a web engine feature that may be toggled at runtime.

The WebKit web engine includes a set of features which may be toggled programmatically, each one represented by a WebKitFeature that provides information about it:

The lists of available features can be obtained with webkit_settings_get_all_features(), webkit_settings_get_experimental_features(), and webkit_settings_get_development_features()). As a rule of thumb, applications which may want to allow users (i.e. web developers) to test WebKit features should use the list of experimental features. Additionally, applications might want to expose development features when targeting technically inclined users for early testing of in-development features (i.e. in “technology preview” or “canary” builds).

Applications must not expose the list of all features to end users because they often lack descriptions and control parts of the web engine which are either intended to be used during development of WebKit itself, or in specific scenarios to tweak how WebKit integrates with the application.

Available since: 2.42

Instance methods


Gets the category of the feature.

since: 2.42


Gets whether the feature is enabled by default.

since: 2.42


Gets a description for the feature.

since: 2.42


Gets a string that uniquely identifies the feature.

since: 2.42


Gets a short name for the feature.

since: 2.42


Gets the status of the feature.

since: 2.42


Atomically acquires a reference on the given feature.

since: 2.42


Atomically releases a reference on the given feature.

since: 2.42