since: 2.42


enum WebKit2.FeatureStatus

Description [src]

Describes the status of a WebKitFeature.

The status for a given feature can be obtained with webkit_feature_get_status().

Available since: 2.42



Feature that adjust behaviour for specific application needs. The feature is not part of a Web platform feature, not a mature feature intended to be always on.

  • Value: 0
  • Nickname: embedder
  • Available since: 2.42

Feature in development. The feature may be unfinished, and there are no guarantees about its safety and stability.

  • Value: 1
  • Nickname: unstable
  • Available since: 2.42

Feature for debugging the WebKit engine. The feature is not generally useful for user or web developers, and always disabled by default.

  • Value: 2
  • Nickname: internal
  • Available since: 2.42

Feature for web developers. The feature is not generally useful for end users, and always disabled by default.

  • Value: 3
  • Nickname: developer
  • Available since: 2.42

Feature in active development and complete enough for testing. The feature may not be yet ready to ship and is disabled by default.

  • Value: 4
  • Nickname: testable
  • Available since: 2.42

Feature ready to be tested by users. The feature is disabled by default, but may be enabled by applications automatically e.g. in their “technology preview” or “beta” versions.

  • Value: 5
  • Nickname: preview
  • Available since: 2.42

Feature ready for general use. The feature is enabled by default, but it may still be toggled to support debugging and testing.

  • Value: 6
  • Nickname: stable
  • Available since: 2.42

Feature in general use. The feature is always enabled and in general there should be no user-facing interface to toggle it.

  • Value: 7
  • Nickname: mature
  • Available since: 2.42