since: 2.40


query_permission_state (
  WebKitWebView* self,
  WebKitPermissionStateQuery* query,
  gpointer user_data

Description [src]

This signal allows the User-Agent to respond to permission requests for powerful features, as specified by the Permissions W3C Specification. You can reply to the query using webkit_permission_state_query_finish().

You can handle the query asynchronously by calling webkit_permission_state_query_ref() on query and returning TRUE. If the last reference of query is removed and the query has not been handled, the query result will be set to WEBKIT_QUERY_PERMISSION_PROMPT.

Default handler:

The default handler is called after the handlers added via g_signal_connect().

Available since: 2.40



Type: WebKitPermissionStateQuery

The WebKitPermissionStateQuery.

The data is owned by the caller of the function.

Return value

Type: gboolean

TRUE if the message was handled, or FALSE otherwise.