print (
  WebKitWebView* self,
  WebKitPrintOperation* print_operation,
  gpointer user_data

Description [src]

Emitted when printing is requested on web_view, usually by a JavaScript call, before the print dialog is shown. This signal can be used to set the initial print settings and page setup of print_operation to be used as default values in the print dialog. You can call webkit_print_operation_set_print_settings() and webkit_print_operation_set_page_setup() and then return FALSE to propagate the event so that the print dialog is shown.

You can connect to this signal and return TRUE to cancel the print operation or implement your own print dialog.

Default handler:

The default handler is called after the handlers added via g_signal_connect().



Type: WebKitPrintOperation

The WebKitPrintOperation that will handle the print request.

The data is owned by the caller of the function.

Return value

Type: gboolean

TRUE to stop other handlers from being invoked for the event. FALSE to propagate the event further.