since: 2.40

Declaration [src]

webkit_context_menu_get_event (
  WebKitContextMenu* menu

Description [src]

Gets the GdkEvent that triggered the context menu. This function only returns a valid GdkEvent when called for a WebKitContextMenu passed to WebKitWebView::context-menu signal; in all other cases, NULL is returned.

The returned GdkEvent is expected to be one of the following types: a GdkEventButton of type GDK_BUTTON_PRESS when the context menu was triggered with mouse. a GdkEventKey of type GDK_KEY_PRESS if the keyboard was used to show the menu. a generic GdkEvent of type GDK_NOTHING when the GtkWidget::popup-menu signal was used to show the context menu.

Available since: 2.40

Return value

Type: GdkEvent

The menu event or NULL.

The returned data is owned by the instance.