Declaration [src]

webkit_context_menu_item_new_from_stock_action (
  WebKitContextMenuAction action

Description [src]

Creates a new WebKitContextMenuItem for the given stock action.

Stock actions are handled automatically by WebKit so that, for example, when a menu item created with a WEBKIT_CONTEXT_MENU_ACTION_STOP is activated the action associated will be handled by WebKit and the current load operation will be stopped. You can get the GAction of a WebKitContextMenuItem created with a WebKitContextMenuAction with webkit_context_menu_item_get_gaction() and connect to the GSimpleAction::activate signal to be notified when the item is activated, but you can’t prevent the associated action from being performed.



Type: WebKitContextMenuAction

A WebKitContextMenuAction stock action.

Return value

Type: WebKitContextMenuItem

The newly created WebKitContextMenuItem object.

The data is owned by the called function.