since: 2.40

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class WebKitWebProcessExtension.WebFormManager : GObject.Object
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Form manager of a WebKitWebPage in a WebKitScriptWorld.

Available since: 2.40


hierarchy this WebKitWebFormManager ancestor_0 GObject ancestor_0--this




Set the value of an HTML input element as if it had been edited by the user, triggering a change event, and set it as filled automatically. If element is not an HTML input element this function does nothing.

since: 2.40


Get whether element is an HTML input element that has been filled automatically.

since: 2.40


Get whether element is an HTML text input element that has been edited by a user action.

since: 2.40

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Emitted after form elements (or form associated elements) are associated to frame. This is useful to implement form auto filling for web pages where form fields are added dynamically. This signal might be emitted multiple times for the same frame.

since: 2.40


This signal is emitted when the DOM submit event is about to be fired for form. JavaScript code may rely on the submit event to detect that the user has clicked on a submit button, and to possibly cancel the form submission before WebKitWebFormManager::will-submit-form signal is emitted. However, beware that, for historical reasons, the submit event is not emitted at all if the form submission is triggered by JavaScript. For these reasons, this signal may not be used to reliably detect whether a form will be submitted. Instead, use it to detect if a user has clicked on a form’s submit button even if JavaScript later cancels the form submission, or to read the values of the form’s fields even if JavaScript later clears certain fields before submitting. This may be needed, for example, to implement a robust browser password manager, as some misguided websites may use such techniques to attempt to thwart password managers.

since: 2.40


This signal is emitted when form will imminently be submitted. It can no longer be cancelled. This event always occurs immediately before a form is submitted to its target, so use this event to reliably detect when a form is submitted. This signal is emitted after WebKitWebFormManager::will-send-submit-event if that signal is emitted.

since: 2.40

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Class structure

struct WebKitWebProcessExtensionWebFormManagerClass {
  GObjectClass parent_class;

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parent_class: GObjectClass

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