Declaration [src]

webkit_website_data_manager_set_memory_pressure_settings (
  WebKitMemoryPressureSettings* settings

Description [src]

Sets settings as the WebKitMemoryPressureSettings.

Sets settings as the WebKitMemoryPressureSettings to be used by all the network processes created by any instance of WebKitWebsiteDataManager after this function is called.

Be sure to call this function before creating any WebKitWebsiteDataManager, as network processes of existing instances are not guaranteed to receive the passed settings.

The periodic check for used memory is disabled by default on network processes. This will be enabled only if custom settings have been set using this function. After that, in order to remove the custom settings and disable the periodic check, this function must be called passing NULL as the value of settings.

Available since:2.34


settings WebKitMemoryPressureSettings

A WebKitMemoryPressureSettings.

 The data is owned by the caller of the function.