Declaration [src]

webkit_website_data_manager_set_network_proxy_settings (
  WebKitWebsiteDataManager* manager,
  WebKitNetworkProxyMode proxy_mode,
  WebKitNetworkProxySettings* proxy_settings

Description [src]

Set the network proxy settings to be used by connections started in manager session.

By default WEBKIT_NETWORK_PROXY_MODE_DEFAULT is used, which means that the system settings will be used (g_proxy_resolver_get_default()). If you want to override the system default settings, you can either use WEBKIT_NETWORK_PROXY_MODE_NO_PROXY to make sure no proxies are used at all, or WEBKIT_NETWORK_PROXY_MODE_CUSTOM to provide your own proxy settings. When proxy_mode is WEBKIT_NETWORK_PROXY_MODE_CUSTOM proxy_settings must be a valid WebKitNetworkProxySettings; otherwise, proxy_settings must be NULL.

Available since:2.32


proxy_mode WebKitNetworkProxyMode

A WebKitNetworkProxyMode.

proxy_settings WebKitNetworkProxySettings

A WebKitNetworkProxySettings, or NULL.

 The argument can be NULL.
 The data is owned by the caller of the function.