Declaration [src]

webkit_web_context_set_process_model (
  WebKitWebContext* context,
  WebKitProcessModel process_model

Description [src]

Specifies a process model for WebViews.

Specifies a process model for WebViews, which WebKit will use to determine how auxiliary processes are handled.

WEBKIT_PROCESS_MODEL_MULTIPLE_SECONDARY_PROCESSES will use one process per view most of the time, while still allowing for web views to share a process when needed (for example when different views interact with each other). Using this model, when a process hangs or crashes, only the WebViews using it stop working, while the rest of the WebViews in the application will still function normally.

WEBKIT_PROCESS_MODEL_SHARED_SECONDARY_PROCESS is deprecated since 2.26, using it has no effect for security reasons.

This method must be called before any web process has been created, as early as possible in your application. Calling it later will make your application crash.

Available since:2.4


process_model WebKitProcessModel

A WebKitProcessModel.