since: 2.16

Description [src]

struct WebKitWebsiteData {
  /* No available fields */

Data stored locally by a web site.

WebKitWebsiteData represents data stored in the client by a particular website. A website is normally a set of URLs grouped by domain name. You can get the website name, which is usually the domain, with webkit_website_data_get_name(). Documents loaded from the file system, like file:// URIs, are all grouped in the same WebKitWebsiteData with the name “Local files”.

A website can store different types of data in the client side. WebKitWebsiteDataTypes is an enum containing all the possible data types; use webkit_website_data_get_types() to get the bitmask of data types. It’s also possible to know the size of the data stored for some of the WebKitWebsiteDataTypes by using webkit_website_data_get_size().

A list of WebKitWebsiteData can be retrieved with webkit_website_data_manager_fetch(). See WebKitWebsiteDataManager for more information.

Available since: 2.16

Instance methods


Gets the name of WebKitWebsiteData.

since: 2.16


Gets the size of the data of types types in a WebKitWebsiteData.

since: 2.16


Gets the types of data stored in the client for a WebKitWebsiteData.

since: 2.16


Atomically increments the reference count of website_data by one.

since: 2.16


Atomically decrements the reference count of website_data by one.

since: 2.16