since: 2.34

Description [src]

struct WebKitMemoryPressureSettings {
  /* No available fields */

A boxed type representing the settings for the memory pressure handler

WebKitMemoryPressureSettings is a boxed type that can be used to provide some custom settings to control how the memory pressure situations are handled by the different processes.

The memory pressure system implemented inside the different process will try to keep the memory usage under the defined memory limit. In order to do that, it will check the used memory with a user defined frequency and decide whether it should try to release memory. The thresholds passed will define how urgent is to release that memory.

Take into account that badly defined parameters can greatly reduce the performance of the engine. For example, setting memory limit too low with a fast poll interval can cause the process to constantly be trying to release memory.

A WebKitMemoryPressureSettings can be passed to a WebKitWebContext constructor, and the settings will be applied to all the web processes created by that context.

A WebKitMemoryPressureSettings can be passed to webkit_website_data_manager_set_memory_pressure_settings(), and the settings will be applied to all the network processes created after that call by any instance of WebKitWebsiteDataManager.

Available since: 2.34



Create a new WebKitMemoryPressureSettings with the default values.

since: 2.34

Instance methods


Make a copy of settings.

since: 2.34


Free the WebKitMemoryPressureSettings.

since: 2.34


Gets the conservative memory usage threshold.

since: 2.34


Gets the kill memory usage threshold.

since: 2.34


Gets the memory usage limit.

since: 2.34


Gets the interval at which memory usage is checked.

since: 2.34


Gets the strict memory usage threshold.

since: 2.34


Sets the memory limit for the conservative policy to start working.

since: 2.34


Sets value as the fraction of the defined memory limit where the process will be killed.

since: 2.34


Sets memory_limit the memory limit value to settings.

since: 2.34


Sets value as the poll interval used by settings.

since: 2.34


Sets the memory limit for the strict policy to start working.

since: 2.34