Declaration [src]

webkit_web_view_get_settings (
  WebKitWebView* web_view

Description [src]

Gets the WebKitSettings currently applied to web_view.

If no other WebKitSettings have been explicitly applied to web_view with webkit_web_view_set_settings(), the default WebKitSettings will be returned. This method always returns a valid WebKitSettings object. To modify any of the web_view settings, you can either create a new WebKitSettings object with webkit_settings_new(), setting the desired preferences, and then replace the existing web_view settings with webkit_web_view_set_settings() or get the existing web_view settings and update it directly. WebKitSettings objects can be shared by multiple WebKitWebViews, so modifying the settings of a WebKitWebView would affect other WebKitWebViews using the same WebKitSettings.

Return value

Type: WebKitSettings

The WebKitSettings attached to web_view.

The returned data is owned by the instance.