Declaration [src]

webkit_print_operation_run_dialog (
  WebKitPrintOperation* print_operation,
  GtkWindow* parent

Description [src]

Run the print dialog and start printing.

Run the print dialog and start printing using the options selected by the user. This method returns when the print dialog is closed. If the print dialog is cancelled WEBKIT_PRINT_OPERATION_RESPONSE_CANCEL is returned. If the user clicks on the print button, WEBKIT_PRINT_OPERATION_RESPONSE_PRINT is returned and the print operation starts. In this case, the WebKitPrintOperation::finished signal is emitted when the operation finishes. If an error occurs while printing, the signal WebKitPrintOperation::failed is emitted before WebKitPrintOperation::finished. If the print dialog is not cancelled current print settings and page setup of print_operation are updated with options selected by the user when Print button is pressed in print dialog. You can get the updated print settings and page setup by calling webkit_print_operation_get_print_settings() and webkit_print_operation_get_page_setup() after this method.



Type: GtkWindow

Transient parent of the print dialog.

The argument can be NULL.
The data is owned by the caller of the method.

Return value

Type: WebKitPrintOperationResponse

The WebKitPrintOperationResponse of the print dialog.