Declaration [src]

webkit_find_controller_search (
  WebKitFindController* find_controller,
  const gchar* search_text,
  guint32 find_options,
  guint max_match_count

Description [src]

Looks for search_text associated with find_controller.

Looks for search_text in the WebKitWebView associated with find_controller since the beginning of the document highlighting up to max_match_count matches. The outcome of the search will be asynchronously provided by the WebKitFindController::found-text and WebKitFindController::failed-to-find-text signals.

To look for the next or previous occurrences of the same text with the same find options use webkit_find_controller_search_next() and/or webkit_find_controller_search_previous(). The WebKitFindController will use the same text and options for the following searches unless they are modified by another call to this method.

Note that if the number of matches is higher than max_match_count then WebKitFindController::found-text will report G_MAXUINT matches instead of the actual number.

Callers should call webkit_find_controller_search_finish() to finish the current search operation.


search_text const gchar*

The text to look for.

 The data is owned by the caller of the function.
 The value is a NUL terminated UTF-8 string.
find_options guint32

A bitmask with the WebKitFindOptions used in the search.

max_match_count guint

The maximum number of matches allowed in the search.