Description [src]

class WebKit2.GeolocationPermissionRequest : GObject.Object
  implements WebKit2.PermissionRequest {
  priv: WebKitGeolocationPermissionRequestPrivate*

A permission request for sharing the user’s location.

WebKitGeolocationPermissionRequest represents a request for permission to decide whether WebKit should provide the user’s location to a website when requested through the Geolocation API.

When a WebKitGeolocationPermissionRequest is not handled by the user, it is denied by default.

When embedding web views in your application, you must configure an application identifier to allow web content to use geolocation services. The identifier must match the name of the .desktop file which describes the application, sans the suffix.

If your application uses GApplication (or any subclass like GtkApplication), WebKit will automatically use the identifier returned by g_application_get_application_id(). This is the recommended approach for enabling geolocation in applications.

If an identifier cannot be obtained through GApplication, the value returned by g_get_prgname() will be used instead as a fallback. For programs which cannot use GApplication, calling g_set_prgname() early during initialization is needed when the name of the executable on disk does not match the name of a valid .desktop file.


hierarchy this WebKitGeolocationPermissionRequest implements_0 WebKitPermissionRequest this--implements_0 ancestor_0 GObject ancestor_0--this


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Allow the action which triggered this request.


Deny the action which triggered this request.


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Class structure

struct WebKit2GeolocationPermissionRequestClass {
  GObjectClass parent_class;
  void (* _webkit_reserved0) (
  void (* _webkit_reserved1) (
  void (* _webkit_reserved2) (
  void (* _webkit_reserved3) (

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Class members
parent_class: GObjectClass

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_webkit_reserved0: void (* _webkit_reserved0) ( void )

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_webkit_reserved1: void (* _webkit_reserved1) ( void )

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_webkit_reserved2: void (* _webkit_reserved2) ( void )

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_webkit_reserved3: void (* _webkit_reserved3) ( void )

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