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class WebKit2.ColorChooserRequest : GObject.Object
  priv: WebKitColorChooserRequestPrivate*

A request to open a color chooser.

Whenever the user interacts with an HTML element, WebKit will need to show a dialog to choose a color. For that to happen in a general way, instead of just opening a GtkColorChooser (which might be not desirable in some cases, which could prefer to use their own color chooser dialog), WebKit will fire the WebKitWebView::run-color-chooser signal with a WebKitColorChooserRequest object, which will allow the client application to specify the color to be selected, to inspect the details of the request (e.g. to get initial color) and to cancel the request, in case nothing was selected.

In case the client application does not wish to handle this signal, WebKit will provide a default handler which will asynchronously run a regular GtkColorChooserDialog for the user to interact with.


hierarchy this WebKitColorChooserRequest ancestor_0 GObject ancestor_0--this


Instance methods


Cancels request and the input element changes to use the initial color.

since: 2.8


Finishes request and the input element keeps the current value of WebKitColorChooserRequest:rgba.

since: 2.8


Gets the bounding box of the color input element.

since: 2.8


Gets the current GdkRGBA color of request.

since: 2.8


Sets the current GdkRGBA color of request.

since: 2.8

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The GdkRGBA color of the request.

since: 2.8



Emitted when the request finishes. This signal can be emitted because the user completed the request calling webkit_color_chooser_request_finish(), or cancelled it with webkit_color_chooser_request_cancel() or because the color input element is removed from the DOM.

since: 2.8

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Class structure

struct WebKit2ColorChooserRequestClass {
  GObjectClass parent_class;

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Class members
parent_class: GObjectClass

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