for WebKit2GTK+ 2.8.3

Class Overview
WebKitWebContextManages aspects common to all WebKitWebViews
WebKitWebView — The central class of the WebKit2GTK+ API
WebKitAuthenticationRequest — Represents an authentication request
WebKitBackForwardList — List of visited pages
WebKitBackForwardListItemOne item of the WebKitBackForwardList
WebKitSettingsControl the behaviour of a WebKitWebView
WebKitURIRequest — Represents a URI request
WebKitURIResponse — Represents a URI response
WebKitWindowPropertiesWindow properties of a WebKitWebView
WebKitDownload — Object used to communicate with the application when downloading
WebKitPermissionRequest — A permission request
WebKitGeolocationPermissionRequest — A permission request for sharing user's location
WebKitUserMediaPermissionRequest — A permission request for accessing user's audio/video devices.
WebKitPolicyDecision — A pending policy decision
WebKitNavigationPolicyDecision — A policy decision for navigation actions
WebKitResponsePolicyDecision — A policy decision for resource responses
WebKitHitTestResult — Result of a Hit Test
WebKitPrintOperation — Controls a print operation
WebKitWebResource — Represents a resource at the end of a URI
WebKitError — Categorized WebKit errors
WebKitFaviconDatabase — A WebKit favicon database
WebKitColorChooserRequest — A request to open a color chooser
WebKitFileChooserRequest — A request to open a file chooser
WebKitFindControllerControls text search in a WebKitWebView
WebKitCookieManagerDefines how to handle cookies in a WebKitWebContext
WebKitPlugin — Represents a plugin, enabling fine-grained control
WebKitWebInspector — Access to the WebKit inspector
WebKitURISchemeRequest — Represents a URI scheme request
WebKitContextMenuRepresents the context menu in a WebKitWebView
WebKitContextMenuItemOne item of the WebKitContextMenu
WebKitFormSubmissionRequest — Represents a form submission request
WebKitSecurityManagerControls security settings in a WebKitWebContext
WebKitUserContentManager — Manages user-defined content which affects web pages.
User content — Defines user content types which affect web pages.
WebKitNotification — Object used to hold information about a notification that should be shown to the user.
WebKitNotificationPermissionRequest — A permission request for displaying web notifications
Web Extensions
WebKitWebHitTestResult — Result of a Hit Test (Web Process Extensions)
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