WebKitGTK 2.39.3 released!

This is a development release leading toward 2.40 series.

What’s new in the WebKitGTK 2.39.3 release?

  • Add new API to query the permission state of web features.
  • Deprecate all web extension DOM APIs (WebKitDOMDocument, WebKitDOMElement, WebKitDOMNode).
  • Add webkit_web_hit_test_result_get_js_node() to get the JSCValue for the node.
  • Add WebKitWebFormManager and deprecate WebKitWebPage form related signals.
  • Don’t perform position queries on video sink when the player is for audio only.
  • Fix gibberish text when loading alternate data.
  • Fix several crashes and rendering issues.

Thanks to all the contributors who made possible this release.