WebKitGTK 2.28.0 released!

This is the first stable release in the 2.28 series.

Highlights of the WebKitGTK 2.28.0 release

  • Add API to enable Process Swap on (Cross-site) Navigation.
  • Add user messages API for the communication with the web extension.
  • Add support for same-site cookies.
  • Service workers are enabled by default.
  • Add support for Pointer Lock API.
  • Add flatpak sandbox support.
  • Make ondemand hardware acceleration policy never leave accelerated compositing mode.
  • Always use a light theme for rendering form controls.
  • Add about:gpu to show information about the graphics stack.

For more details about all the changes included in WebKitGTK 2.28 see the NEWS file that is included in the tarball.

Thanks to all the contributors who made possible this release.