WebKitGTK 2.27.4 released!

This is a development release leading toward 2.28 series.

What’s new in the WebKitGTK 2.27.4 release?

  • Add API for input methods.
  • Add API to serialize/deserialize a JSCValue to/from a JSON string.
  • Add support for strict secure cookies.
  • Add support for saving data from remote inspector.
  • Make ondemand hardware acceleration policy never leave accelerated compositing mode.
  • Fix rendering of conic gradients in high resolution displays.
  • Fix special combination characters not respecting the keystroke order when high CPU load.
  • Honor the IndexedDB directory set in WebsiteDataManager.
  • Fix rendering of text when there’s an initial advance in the text run.
  • Fix web process crash when displaying a KaTeX formula.
  • Fix network process crash with PSON enabled.
  • Fix several crashes and rendering issues.

Thanks to all the contributors who made possible this release.