WebKitGTK+ 2.14.0 released!

This is the first stable release in the 2.14 series.

Highlights of the WebKitGTK+ 2.14.0 release

  • Threaded compositor is enabled by default in both X11 and Wayland.
  • Accelerated compositing is now supported in Wayland.
  • Clipboard works in Wayland too.
  • Memory pressure handler always works even when cgroups is not present or not configured.
  • The HTTP disk cache implements speculative revalidation of resources.
  • DRI3 is no longer a problem when using the modesetting intel driver.
  • The amount of file descriptors that are kept open has been drastically reduced.

For more details about all the changes included in WebKitGTK+ 2.14 see the NEWS file that is included in the tarball, or see:


Thanks to all the contributors who made possible this release.