WebKitGTK+ 2.6.4 released!

This is a bug fix release in the stable 2.6 series.

What’s new in the WebKitGTK+ 2.6.4 release?

  • Fix SSL connection issues with some websites after the POODLE vulnerability fix.
  • Fix several crashes in accessibility implementation.
  • Fix XMLHttpRequest with a timeout when using the network process.
  • Fix XMLHttpRequest with cookies disabled when using the network process.
  • Fix a crash in the network process when a synchronous load redirects to a new url in a different security origin.
  • Fix documentation of webkit_print_operation_get_page_setup().
  • Allow to build with GObject introspection disabled.
  • Fix the remote inspector when settings don’t change after page initialization.

Thanks to all the contributors who made possible this release.