WebKitGTK+ 2.5.1 released!

This is the first development release leading toward 2.6 series.

What’s new in the WebKitGTK+ 2.5.1 release?

  • WebKit1 API has been removed.
  • Binary version bump to make WebKit1 and WebKit2 parallel installable.
  • Switch to CMake build system.
  • The WebKitWebView::create signal now receives a WebKitNavigationAction with information about the navigation action that triggered the signal.
  • WebKitWebViewGroup has been removed from the API and WebKitUserContentManager has been added to handle user stylesheets.
  • WebKitCertificateInfo has also been removed. WebKitWebView::load-failed-with-tls-errors signal now receives a GTlsCertificate and GTlsCertificateFlags, and webkit_web_context_allow_tls_certificate_for_host() receives a GTlsCertificate.
  • The view mode API (webkit_web_view_set_view_mode() and webkit_web_view_get_view_mode()) has been removed, since WebCore doesn’t support view source mode anymore.
  • The DOM bindings API has been split into stable and unstable parts, and all deprecated methods have been removed. The stable part will keep API/ABI backwards compatibility, while the unstable part might change.
  • Add API to load arbitrary data optionally giving the encoding and MIME Type.
  • Add support for plugins using GTK+ 3.
  • Add HighDPI support for non-accelerated compositing contents.
  • Use a different user agent string depending on the site.

Thanks to all the contributors who made possible this release.